The Kathmandu Post - How masks in this Covid world have now become a necessity

How masks in this Covid world have now become a necessity

The use of face masks still may be uneven, but there is no denying that this nasal and mouth covering has become a daily reality.

Article by Srizu Bajracharya

"As Covid-19 changes life all around, masks have become crucial and a part of our daily discussion and daily reality. Oftentimes, these days people have turned against people who are not wearing masks when in the public. There have even been violent fights in India, where even local police have jumped on locals for not wearing masks. There’s also a joke going around social media that the next generation might soon start believing that the mouth is a private part. And so, the word that goes around the neighbourhood today is, “Be sure to wear a mask when you step out of your house.

Rewati Gurung, the owner of Kokroma, believes the demand for masks is one reason she is being able to sustain her business and help her workers. Kokroma is a company that makes infant clothing, but when the lockdown began, the company’s sales had dropped. Gurung, who is still new to the venture, could not afford to continue running the business and she needed an alternative. “And so, I thought we could start by making masks for children. Often during pandemics, we forget about children and I thought this would give us a context,” she says. The company today has already made about 17,000 masks both catering to children and adults.

Kokroma has also been making customised masks. And one of their most popular masks has been a mask that flaunts the colours of Nepal’s flag. “In recent times, masks have also been making a statement, so we have been experimenting with our patterns as well. We live in a time where we are expressing communal feelings with each other and I thought masks could be a part of that trend,” she says.

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