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Raising Young Kids in the Pandemic

The greatest fear at the moment is a family member getting infected, as well as the financial uncertainties. Last year was already a challenge and with the schools closed again this year, my son has become so accustomed to self motivated learning that the school system has begun to feel alien to him.

As far as best practices in dealing with this situation as a family, my son is getting to spend more time with us than before. We sit with him during his online classes and encourage him to participate even though he struggles.

We encourage physical exercise like yoga, healthy eating habits while also keeping a schedule for different activities including computer use, food preparation and house chores. Our house has a lively atmosphere and we play indoor games together. Overall, we feel that given the circumstances, he is coping well at this time although social interaction is critical to his personal growth.

His father has taken the major role of parenting as I am involved in my business most of the time which is sustaining our family and our employees during this time.

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