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Child and maternity care the Nepali way

Kokroma article by Anweiti Upadhyay

"Nepali families have been using things like mustard seed pillows, clothes made out of Dhaka, and kokro (a cot – typically made from bamboo – used to carry babies) for centuries for maternity and childcare purposes. Most of these pregnancy and childcare traditions have various scientific reasons behind them. It’s usually for the benefit of the newborn and the mother as well. 

But very few people know about this now and usually discard these age-old concepts as being silly and groundless. Instead, people opt to follow western maternity and childcare methods as these seem to be more convenient and the market is saturated with different products to boot. 

This is why one of the core motives behind the launch of Kokroma, a sustainable and social enterprise that manufactures and sells products required during pregnancy and postnatal care, is to spread awareness about our traditional maternity and childcare methods among Nepalis."

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