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Article: Kantipur News - Rewati Gurung

Kantipur News - Rewati Gurung

Kantipur News - Rewati Gurung

Rewati Gurung feature in Kantipur News (Nepali Language)


Nepali Fashion Brand Winning Hearts 


Rewati Gurung, who started 'Kokroma' after being influenced by Finland's 'Babybox', creates clothing for children from newborn to 13 years. Her company currently has 35 employees, all but two of whom are women.
Kathmandu - Rewati Gurung, who is enjoying making documentary films, got a chance to go to Finland about seven years ago. She went to Finland for a one-month course and learned about the government's efforts to reduce child mortality there. After a baby is born in Finland, the government distributes a 'Finnish Babybox'.
The box contains clothes and essentials for babies from birth to two years. I thought it would be great if the government did something similar in Nepal. Although not from the government, I thought that I should start professionally myself. But it was not possible immediately due to his financial situation.
After returning from Finland, Rewati started making documentaries. But unlike before, the subsequent documentaries she made were related to handicrafts. At the same time, there was a chance to understand more about domestic production and its business. Since 2018, she has been preparing to make the Nepali version of Baby Box. With the two lakh rupees she had at that time, she brought cotton cloth from different places and started preparing things like those in a Finnish box.
Like the Finnish box, the Nepali version was prepared in 'Kokroma'. "In Nepal, babies sleep on cots, that's why it's named cot," said Rewati. But unfortunately, it was prepared by spending the money it had, neither it was sold nor it was able to add investment to it. Even the clothes made while working on the concept became difficult to sell. One day, she went to sell 'Kokroma' and after it was not sold, she was relaxing by having coffee in a Buddhist restaurant. An American woman was curious after seeing 'Kokroma'.
The American woman, impressed by Revathi's concept, suggested her to work, promising a loan of $15,000. But she didn't believe it. But after a few months, the woman paid $5,000 for the first step. After getting the money, she hired two employees and started working. After that, she did not have to take more money from the American woman. Slowly, sales began to pick up, and work picked up speed.
At 'Kokroma' you can find clothing for children from newborn to 13 years. But not like Finland's Babybox, 'Kokroma'. Especially now it has become a clothing brand. Kokroma currently has 18 employees not including the prisoners weaving the textiles. All but 2 of them are women. She said that in the case of Nepal, women should be given priority because they need to be economically empowered.
Rewati has also indirectly given employment to the inmates currently in jail. Because, she buys the cotton cloth used for the baby from Sundhara Jail. The factory is in Attarkhel, Kathmandu. The ingredients for 'Kokroma' can be purchased from stores in Boudha and Sanepa. Gurung said that other shops are also given according to the demand. Kokroma makes Daura-Suruwal, T-shirt-Suruwal, Hat, Gloves, Socks, Mustard Pillow etc.

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