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Article: TED-X - Rewati Gurung talk

TED-X - Rewati Gurung talk

TED-X - Rewati Gurung talk


In this heartening TED Talk, Rewati Gurung shares her inspiring journey of resilience and empowerment. Rewati, a beacon of hope in her community, began her journey by supporting earthquake victims in Nepal, providing them with 100 litres of tea and snacks in their time of need.

She launched her initiative, Kokroma, on Christmas Day in 2018, with a dream to empower women in Nepal. Kokroma, which started as a small initiative, has now grown into a dedicated team of 18 individuals working tirelessly towards their mission.

During the pandemic, Rewati led an operation to create face masks at home, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to her community in times of crisis. Rewati Gurung is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Kokroma, a sustainable baby clothing venture. Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Gurung's journey from a filmmaker to an entrepreneur is truly inspiring.

Gurung's entrepreneurial journey began with the launch of Kokroma, a unique Nepali brand specializing in infant and children’s clothing. The idea of Kokroma was born out of her desire to promote Nepali identity and culture. The brand provides jobs for marginalized women in Nepal and uses textiles woven by prisoners who receive vocational training and income-generating opportunities.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Gurung was a filmmaker. Her transition from filmmaking to entrepreneurship was driven by her belief that restricting ourselves to one task limits our capabilities. This belief led her to take the initiative of not only supporting women but also prisoners, getting the fabrics from them for her sustainable baby clothing venture. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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