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Why Kokroma?

Safety and Comfort

Our Kokro basket and everything inside has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. The basket itself follows in the footsteps of a long Nepali tradition, with some modifications to meet the needs of the modern mother, whether she lives in an urban or rural community. By reducing the risks of co-sleeping your baby is safer and protected in their own bed. 

Detail of the Kokro bamboo baby basket

The Bedding

The Kokro basket is made of cane and bamboo. Our mattress is made by hand from 100% raw cotton filling covered and buttoned. Care has been taken in the design of the Kokro as a perfect sleeping bed for your baby. The Kokro basket is strong enough to be hung in the traditional manner for rocking the baby to sleep. Make sure that the method used to hang the Kokro is perfectly safe and that it is as close to the floor as possible to minimise any risks.

The Kokro mattress - deep buttoned unbleached cotton with Timba fill.

A mustard seed pillow also follows the age old tradition by providing a support for the child's head. At birth the child's bones are very flexible and the head, in passing through the birth canal, can change shape. The mustard seed pillow provides the perfect rest for the baby's head; the seeds shift as the baby moves and maintains full support giving the head a chance to recover during the early days.

The Clothing

All of the clothing in the Kokro has been designed for maximum comfort for your baby. Our muslin covered cotton garments are the softest available giving the best protection and care of your child's skin. We know how important it is to provide the mother with easy-care solutions, and our design team at Kokroma have considered every aspect of your baby's wardrobe to be stylish, fun and practical.

Kokroma clothing - fine woven cotton with fine muslin lining

We have concentrated our efforts on what we do best - providing everything we think a mother needs during the first year of the baby's life so that she can concentrate her efforts on the things she can do best - loving her baby.