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How Kokroma was Born

Kokro (काेक्राे) is the Nepali word for the traditional baby cot and Kokroma (काेक्राेमा) means 'inside' or 'belonging to' the Kokro.

100% Cotton Woven by prisoners

100% cotton woven by prisoners in Nepal

Most of the fabrics we use are woven by prisoners in Nepal. These fabrics are made to a very high standard and the quality of workmanship is some of the highest in the country. By using textiles made in state prisons, Kokroma is promoting the work of prisoners who have been taught weaving skills, providing them with an income to support their families back home.

Fair Pay for Women Tailors

Seamstress at Kokroma

Kokroma is small scale production focused on quality with women who take pride in their work and have the opportunity of flexible hours; working to their own clock. This allows greater access to employment for those who have a lack of mobility and space.

When you buy from Kokroma you will bring joy and economic benefits to all of these artisans at the same time as adding great value to your child's healthcare.

A Summer of Inspiration in Finland

Rewati Gurung in Fiskars Finland summer 2015

The idea of Kokroma came after our founder, Rewati Gurung attended the University of Helsinki Summer School, “Gender, Culture and Politics” in 2015.

As part of the course, she learnt about the Finnish Baby Box and the benefits that have been brought to Finnish society. Then, after years of research in handicraft and social entrepreneurship in Nepal, finally Kokroma was born. We aim to revive the authentic traditional Nepali infant clothing and its indigenous knowledge regarding baby care with a contemporary design aesthetic by adopting the basic principles of the Finnish Baby Box.